Compton Road Greenway Study

Compton Road Greenway Study Guidebook

  • This Guidebook summarizes the study, provides ideas for the different sections of Compton Road and provides implementation strategies. Materials used with study and dates of meetings are provided below.

Compton Road Greenway Study

This study will look at Compton Road from Euclid Heights Boulevard south to the Cain Park entry on Superior Park Drive to consider different design alternatives that would afford pedestrians and bicyclists a more comfortable use of the Compton Road right-of-way using the concepts of “complete and green streets.”

The goals of the study include:

  • To promote the re-investment in the neighborhood
  • To provide both safe and comfortable conditions for walking, running and bicycling
  • To maximize pedestrian and bicyclist access to Cain Park from this neighborhood

Complete and Green Streets concepts

  • Roads are designed and operated to comfortable and safely accommodate all users regardless of age and ability
  • Roads are designed and operated to include pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, delivery and service personnel and emergency responders
  • Roads are designed and operated to reduce, accommodate and slow stormwater runoff as part of a comprehensive stormwater management system

Compton Road Greenway Study Idea Book

  • An Idea Book has been developed to begin discussion.

August 18, 2019 Walk of Compton Road

Residents walked Compton Road from Euclid Heights south to Berkeley Road to share how they use Compton Road now and how they would like to use this right-of-way Using a neighborhood walking tour pamphlet various ideas were discussed along each section of the walk.

September 24, 2019

Residents discussed design alternatives that would make pedestrians and bicyclists more comfortable.