Neighborhood Redevelopment

The redevelopment of and investment in the City’s residential neighborhoods is a primary development goal of the City. A map and list of City-controlled lots are available at the links below:

To accomplish the goal of neighborhood redevelopment, the City has launched several initiatives to facilitate new infill residential construction. 

Neighborhood Redevelopment Program – Phase 1

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The City is excited to be seeking qualified developers to construct infill residential housing on City-controlled vacant lots as part of the Neighborhood Redevelopment Program – Phase I. This RFQ/RFP opportunity includes 42 vacant lots concentrated in two areas of the City. The vacant lots included in the RFQ/RFP are eligible for a tax abatement through the City’s Grow Program of up to 15 years and 100%. The City is currently reviewing the three responses to this RFQ/RFP. Please see the links below for additional information and the responses received by the City.

Phase I Development Agreements

RFQ/RFP Responses and Presentations

Additional Information

Community Development Corporation Partnerships

The City works with several Community Development Corporations to facilitate the transfer of properties to qualified developers, who then rehabilitate the properties and then return them to productive use. Developers interested in acquiring properties through the City/CDCs should contact the CDCs below to learn more about their programs and partnering with them on residential redevelopment opportunities.  

Grow Tax Savings Program

Grow is the City’s tax abatement program, which offers property tax savings for both residential and commercial projects – both new construction and renovation. The level of tax savings will vary by location and type of project, but the program features abatements of up to 15 years and 100% for new construction and 12 years and 100% for renovation projects. Additional information can be found at