Forestry License

City Ordinance

City ordinance states that a license is required for forestry, tree surgery or tree removal in the city of Cleveland Heights:

  • 917.19 - License Required for Forestry, Tree Surgery or Tree Removal
    • No person shall solicit for or engage in any kind of forestry or tree surgery, or tree removal work within the City without first obtaining a written permit from the Mayor. Written application shall be made to the Mayor accompanied by evidence of adequate and acceptable liability insurance coverage and proof satisfactory to the Mayor that the applicant is reasonably qualified by experience, training and reputation to engage in such work.

To engage in forestry, tree surgery or tree removal work within the city of Cleveland Heights, you must comply with the Codified Ordinance License Requirements (as stated).


Please follow these steps and complete the following:

  1. Complete the Forestry, Tree Surgery or Tree Removal License Application (PDF).
  2. Enclose a check for $10 (registration fee), made payable to “City of Cleveland Heights.”
  3. Certificate of Insurance evidencing insurance in the amount of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, and $50,000 per occurrence for property damage, naming the City of Cleveland Heights as a Certificate Holder and additionally named insured, and commitment giving ten days written notice before cancellation, lapsing or voiding of any such policy.

Your business name, address, telephone number and insurance expiration date will appear on the Tree Service List we mail to our residents. If you do not want your name on our Tree Service List, please let us know; otherwise, it will automatically be included on our list.

Additional Information

Please note your license is being issued through the Cleveland Heights Building Department. If you have any questions, please contact us at 216-291-4900, press Option Number 1.