Planning and Development Department


The Department of Planning and Development is charged with the preservation and improvement of the city’s residential neighborhoods, commercial districts and public areas. The staff is focused on providing information, assistance and advice to the Mayor, City Council, citizens and business persons in all areas related to architectural and urban design, planning and zoning, economic and community development and historic preservation.

Cleveland Heights Codified Ordinances Part Eleven - Zoning Code

Cleveland Heights Zoning Code Map (PDF)

Amendments to the Zoning and Building Code

Project Proposal Form (PPF)

Do you have an idea about a project or proposal? In order to help the Department of Planning & Development assist you with your proposal or project and the approval process, we have created a Project Proposal Form (PPF).

New Standards for Enclosed Private Parking Spaces (“garages”)

On November 1, 2021, City Council adopted Ordinance No. 70-2021, Zoning Text Amendments to Part Eleven – Zoning Code of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland Heights Regarding Private Parking Garages and Other Ancillary Changes.

Taylor-Tudor/Cain Park Village Redevelopment Project

For more information about the Taylor-Tudor/Cain Park Village Redevelopment Project, please visit the Taylor-Tudor/Cain Park Village project page.

Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook Redevelopment Project

For more information about the Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook Redevelopment Project, including upcoming meetings and reviews, please visit the Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook project page.