Information Technology


Lead the City of Cleveland Heights by providing organizational value that facilitates innovative, creative, cost-effective technological solutions that enrich the community and enable our workforce to perform their duties in a timely and more efficient manner


The Information Technology (IT) Department provides information technology services to all City Departments and the Municipal Court by coordinating strategic technological directions, developing common standards, architectures, and business solutions to deliver city services more efficiently and effectively. The IT Department has developed and now supports a local and wide area network with 11 servers that provide major software applications to over 250 users. IT also manages the City’s telecommunications systems including voicemail, voice-over internet protocol, digital and analog communications. Other IT responsibilities include:

  • Email
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • WiFi

Statement of Direction

  • Acquire and implement supportable hardware and software resources that are compatible with the city’s infrastructure
  • Align information technology goals with the city’s business strategy
  • Develop and maintain a telecommunications plan that meets the needs of all departments Investigate new technologies that may provide improved solutions to departmental needs
  • Increase justifiable electronic government initiatives that benefit the organization and the citizens in kind
  • Maintain a vision of practicality and cost consciousness
  • Place high priority on securing and protecting the city’s information technology
  • Place a higher priority on training in order to improve employee productivity
  • Promote enterprise wide applications that enable sharing of data between all departments