Large & / Or Bulk Items

Cleveland Heights RR 2024 Calendar CoverCurbside Collection

Bulk pick-up is limited to four items per pick-up at no charge. All bulk pick-up items that are fabric must be wrapped in plastic.  

In 2024, the City of Cleveland Heights will change its bulk collection process. Instead of trying to complete bulk collection city-wide during one week each month, the Department of Public Works has divided the city into four bulk pickup routes. Each week, the Department of Public Works will collect bulk items from a single route, and the route collected each week will rotate.

To find your bulk collection route view the 2024 Cleveland Heights Refuse and Recycling Calendar. The bulk collection week routes are color coded on each month of this calendar. Please place your bulk items on your tree lawn for collection on the first day of your route week.

For additional bulk items, to request collection on any other day, or to request a special collection of loose brush, please use the Bulk Pickup Request form online. Cost is $10 per bulk item for a special pick-up.

Bulk Collection Guidelines

  • The City accepts couches, chairs, mattresses, box springs, washing machines, dressers, dining tables and chairs, toilets, televisions, refrigerators, and carpets for bulk pickup.
  • Residents may place up to four bulk items for collection at a time.
  • Wrap all soft furniture, mattresses, and box springs in plastic before setting them out on your tree lawn.
  • Remove all doors from refrigerators.
  • Cut and roll carpet pieces into rolls that are no more than one foot high and three feet long.
  • Place all bulk items at least three feet from your refuse and recycling carts and away from any overhead obstructions.
  • Do not include bags of trash with bulk items. The Department of Public Works will not pick them up.
  • The City does not accept bulk collections from large move-outs or clean-outs and does not accept any building or construction debris.
  • The City of Cleveland Heights will not collect bulk items during the month of February.

When / Where to Place Items

Put the items out on your tree lawn no earlier than 7 p.m. the evening before your regular collection day, but before 7 a.m. on your regular collection day. 

Types of Items Collected

  • Refrigerators
  • Washers
  • Large Pieces of Furniture
  • Mattresses 

Safety Note

Doors must be removed from all appliances and the item placed flat on the ground in a manner that prevents children or pets from climbing in or becoming locked inside before placing it outside for collection.

Item Preparation

  • Any fabric item must be wrapped in plastic.
  • Carpeting and padding must be neatly rolled or folded and placed on the tree lawn.
  • Furniture in good condition may be donated to organizations - call the Recycling Office at 216-691-7300 for a list of charities.
  • Glass products and items with sharp edges must be placed in puncture-resistant containers (for example, coffee cans, 2-liter bottles, heavy boxes) before putting them in the plastic refuse bag.
  • Large boxes and crates must be flattened and tied.
  • Tires must be separated from their rims.

Special Pickups

If you have more than four items or you need bulk pick up on a day that is not your regularly scheduled day, you can call to schedule a special pick up for a fee. The fee is $10 per item paid in advance up to a maximum of 10 items.Please fill out the Bulk Pickup Request Form to arrange your special pick up.

Fines for Violation

If refuse of any type is set out prior to the regular collection day with no arrangement made with the Public Works Department, a fine may be imposed for a violation of City Ordinances.