November 2018 Cases

Case Number:3470
Applicant:Michael and Karen Baldridge
Address:2611 Fairmount Boulevard (map)
DistrictAA Single-Family
Request:requests variances to Section 1121.12(d)(3) to permit pavement related to parking, including driveway to exceed 30% coverage in rear yard.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Action:Granted 5-0 with the following conditions:
  1. The variance is granted to allow total rear yard coverage for the driveway pavement and pavement for parking to be no more than 44% and no more than 1,847 square feet as shown on the final revised site plan dated October 25, 2018;
  2. Receipt of driveway building permit;
  3. Approval of a landscape plan for the driveway and parking area by the Planning Director;
  4. Complete construction within 18 months of the effective date of this variance;
  5. Adequately engineered site drainage;
  6. Protection of the Japanese Katsura tree; and
  7. ABR approval of any changes to previously approved drawings.