As a new homeowner, how can I find out more about the city?

New Resident packets are available for pickup at City Hall in the Community Services office. Packets contain information about City policies, businesses, civic organizations, restaurants, schools, religious institutions, recreation activities, etc. For more information about receiving a packet please call 216-291-2323 or Email Community Relations for more information about the city.

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1. As a new homeowner, how can I find out more about the city?
2. Are there any home and garden tours in the City?
3. What kinds of events in the City require a permit?
4. When is Arbor Day celebrated?
5. Does the City have a Memorial Day ceremony?
6. Is a permit needed for a garage sale? What about estate or liquidation sales; is a permit necessary for those as well?
7. My neighbors have frequent loud parties that are a disturbance. What should I do?
8. I am having problems with my neighbor; how can the City help?
9. My organization/class would like a tour of City Hall. What is the procedure?
10. Our street is having a block party. Who do I call to have our street blocked off?