How often is the Cleveland Heights Utility bill?

This bill is generated quarterly. Bills are normally mailed out at the very end of January, April, July, and October.

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1. Who can I contact for better rates on Natural Gas and Electric utilities?
2. Where is the Utility Billing office located and what are the business hours?
3. Why am I billed for water and sewerage from Cleveland Heights, Cleveland Water and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD)?
4. Why am I billed a landfill fee, what is the cost and can I be exempted from services?
5. What is the local sewer rate and how is it calculated?
6. How often is the Cleveland Heights Utility bill?
7. Are there any discount programs for local sewer and landfill charges?
8. My water bill is much higher this month than last. Why?
9. How can I pay my utility bill?
10. Can I pay for my water, sewer and utility bill together?
11. What is the CID Number on my bill?
12. What is the difference between Previous Balance and Balance Prior to New Charges on my bill?
13. Does the Cleveland Heights Utilities Department offer any payment plans?
14. I never received my Cleveland Heights Utility bill. Why?
15. If my sewer backs up into the basement, whom do I contact?
16. How can I find out if I am eligible for a discount on my local sewer charge for lawn sprinkling?
17. If I fill my swimming pool, will I be billed for Local Sewer?
18. How can a tenant assume responsibility for the Cleveland Heights Utility Bill for Local Sewer and Landfill charges?
19. There is water coming up into the street. Who should I contact?
20. I have a problem with low water pressure. Whom do I call?
21. There is a damaged manhole cover or catch basin on my street. Whom do I contact?
22. What should I do if I lose or need a copy of my utility bill?
23. To correct a misspelled name or correct a mailing address on my Cleveland Heights Utility bill, what number should I call?
24. How can I find out my waste and recycle collection schedule or day?
25. I am selling or purchasing a property in Cleveland Heights, how can I have my name added on or removed from the utility bill?
26. I would like to request a water and/or sewer status, due to trying to sell property.
27. My electrical power is out. Can anything be done?