How long will the payments last?

Ohio provides 26 weeks of benefits. The bill provides all eligible workers with an additional 13 weeks. So, participants in states with 26 weeks would be eligible for a total of 39 weeks. The total amount cannot exceed 39 weeks, but it may be shorter in certain states. The extra $600 payment will last for up to four months, covering weeks of unemployment ending July 31.

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1. Who will be covered by the expanded program?
2. How much will I receive?
3. Are gig workers, freelancers and independent contractors covered?
4. What if I’m a part-time worker who lost my job because of a coronavirus reason, but my state doesn’t cover part-time workers? Am I still eligible?
5. My employer shut down my workplace because of coronavirus. Am I eligible?
6. How long will the payments last?
7. How long would the broader program last?
8. I’m already receiving unemployment benefits. Will I receive any help?