Where can I find mattress bags and furniture wrap?

Most hardware stores and home improvement stores should sell these items in the moving supplies area.

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1. What is the fee for special bulk pick-up?
2. Can I arrange for a special collection and pay later?
3. Once I schedule a special pick-up how soon will it be picked-up?
4. Can I arrange to have more than four items collected during my regularly scheduled bulk collection day?
5. I have a new 3 sectional sofa being delivered can I arrange in advance to have my old 3 sectional sofa picked up?
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8. I have a tenant that moved out of my rental, and I wish to clean the house out. There is a large amount of trash/bulk items that will fill the entire tree lawn. Can I call for a special collection?
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10. I took down a wooden fence around my property, can I arrange for a special bulk collection?
11. Do I have to wrap all my bulk items in plastic?
12. Where can I find mattress bags and furniture wrap?
13. I purchased a green “bagster” from the home improvement store. Can I pay the city to pick it up, and should I set it on the tree lawn?