What would it cost to rebuild Horseshoe Lake dam?

The estimated cost to rebuild Horseshoe Lake dam and manage the sediment is $20.7 million. This is not something that NEORSD would contribute regional stormwater management dollars toward because it does not align with their goals. This entire cost would be borne by the cities of Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights. In addition, there would be ongoing costs related to dam maintenance and sediment removal that would be the responsibility of the cities.

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1. Will there be additional amenities for residents at Horseshoe Lake when the dam is removed and the Doan Brook is restored to its natural state?
2. Will residents still be able to walk around the park on a walking path?
3. How will this affect Horseshoe Lake Park itself?
4. What is NEORSD committed to paying for?
5. What will NEORSD’s recommended plan cost the City?
6. What would it cost to rebuild Horseshoe Lake dam?
7. Isn’t there just a $6 million funding gap between NEORSD’s recommendations for Horseshoe Lake and the cost of rebuilding the Horseshoe Lake dam?
8. What is the cost to construct a new dam at both lakes and manage sediment accumulation?
9. Why did the City drain Horseshoe Lake?
10. What about sediment in Horseshoe Lake?
11. How can I learn more?