Can I order a smaller refuse and/or recycling cart?

Smaller cart options are reserved for seniors (65 and over) only who feel that they may have difficulty maneuvering a larger trash or recycling cart. The city may contact recent applicants for smaller carts to verify that they meet the age requirements.

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1. Do I have to order my refuse and recycling cart?
2. Can I order a smaller refuse and/or recycling cart?
3. I’m a senior and I’m not sure if I need a small cart and what size would be best?
4. I’m a disabled individual, and I currently participate in the city’s disability assistance program for weekly collection. Will I still need carts, and will the City continue to collect them?
5. I live in a single person household, but I’m not a senior and I do not generate a lot of refuse or recycling on a weekly basis, can I opt for a smaller refuse and/or recycling cart?
6. I own a duplex/2-family home. Will I get a cart for each unit?
7. I already have an extra cart. Can I use it?
8. When will the carts be delivered and when will the new system be in place?
9. How will I know when my carts are going to be delivered, how long will the delivery process take, and will there be educational materials included?
10. I read on the City’s cart ordering page that the City received a grant towards the purchase of recycling carts, does this apply to smaller carts as well?
11. Once the new cart system is in place, what will go in the recycling carts?
12. Does cardboard go into the recycling cart?
13. What about trash, is that supposed to be placed loose in the trash cart?
14. What about yard waste, will there be a separate container for yard waste?
15. Will the carts that are delivered to my address be identifiable if they are lost or stolen?
16. Will the carts be my property, or property of the city?
17. What if a cart is damaged, will the city repair it?
18. What if my pre-purchased additional City refuse cart is damaged, will the city repair it?
19. What about bulk items, will bulk week still be the first full week of each month?