Will you file an environmental impact statement?

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) are only required on Federal projects per the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act. This is not a Federal project and an EIS is not required. However, this project will require Federal permitting through the Army Corps. Of Engineers.

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1. Will you file an environmental impact statement?
2. Residents rely on the trails surrounding Horseshoe Park for fitness and transportation. Breaking the loop around the park by eliminating the dam and spillway...(CONTINUED)
3. Past circumstances led Horseshoe Lake to be classified as a Class 1 dam. Given NEORSD’s reworking of the Lower Lake dam, if non NEORSD funds are raised to pay for it, can...(CONTINUED)
4. When NEORSD calculated Horseshoe Lake rebuilding at $20.7 million, how many acre feet of storage volume were in that plan (for Horseshoe Lake) and at what average depth?
5. Are there any federal funds that could be applied for to pay for the additional cost of repairing or recreating the horseshoe lake dam?
6. NEORSD cited cost for Horseshoe of $6 mil, then $20 mil in a clarification response; then Cleveland.com story cites $30 mil. We need independent cost assessment. (CONTINUED)
7. Why so much money? From my past recollection of 3 yrs. ago, NEOSD advised that fixing the dam & watershed issue at Horseshoe Lake would cost $6M. As part of that discussion, (CONTINUED)
8. If the horsehoe Lake is eliminated, will the new dam at the lower lake have to be gigantic in order to handle the water from the Horse Lake area, (CONTINUED)
9. The Shaker Lakes represent far more to our community than a means of flood control. They are a place of community, a wildlife refuge, an important historical location, and much more. (CONTINUED)
10. Since boating, swimming and fishing are going to be permitted in Lower Lake, the fleeing nesting and breeding wildlife that need a lake environment will need a protected refuge; (CONTINUED)
11. If NEORSD removes Horseshoe dam and Lake, then the resulting new dam at Lower Lake will need to be much larger, destroying the beauty and historical...(CONTINUED)
12. How can we let Horseshoe lake disappear! Maybe the Sewer district says the lake isn't worth fixing but do they live here? Do they realize what...(CONTINUED)
13. Was heavy machinery used to on the bridge and deck at Horseshoe Lake dam for recent parapet work and could that have contributed to further and more drastic deterioration...(CONTINUED)
14. In the early going shortly after Horseshoe Lake was drained, could earth-moving equipment have been brought in (from North Park or South Park or the park itself)...(CONTINUED)