Policies and Practices

Cleveland Heights Police Training and Assessment Proposal (PDF)

These policies are currently under review.

Administration of Naloxone (Narcan) - To establish guidelines when administering Naloxone (also known by the brand name Narcan). The objective is to treat and reduce the injury and fatality from opiate overdoses.

Bias Free Policing - To emphasize the Police Department’s commitment to unbiased, equitable treatment of all persons in enforcing the law and providing police services and clarify the circumstances in which race or affiliation can be used as a factor to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

Body Worn Camera Policy - To set forth the department policy for the use of body worn cameras (BWCs) by members of this department while in the performance of their duties. BWCs allow for accurate documentation of police-public contacts, arrests and critical incidents. They also serve to enhance the accuracy of an officer’s reports and testimony in court.

Code of Ethics - To adopt a Code of Ethics for all Personnel of the Cleveland Heights Police Department to follow.

Community Engagement Policy - The police department is committed to establishing close ties with community organizations by being receptive and responsive to the needs of the community. Members of this agency will work to maintain relationships with existing community organizations and will assist with establishing new organizations as agency operations permit.

Core Values - Values are the core of our moral beliefs. They are convictions that bond us together to accomplish specific tasks and objectives, they are what we share and believe.

Discipline Policy - To establish guidelines for disciplinary procedures within the Department, promote high morale among employees and encourage the public’s acceptance and support.

Domestic Violence Policy - To provide police officers of the city of Cleveland Heights guidelines and procedures to follow when responding to calls of domestic violence. It is the intent of this policy to prescribe preferred courses of action which police officers should take in response to domestic violence that will enforce the law while also serving to intervene and prevent future incidents of violence.

Hiring Practices - To identify the role of the Cleveland Heights Police Department in the recruitment and hiring process.

Impounded Vehicle Release Procedures - To establish procedures for the release of a vehicle that has been impounded by the Cleveland Heights Police Department.

K-9 Policy - To establish policy governing the duties and responsibilities of the K-9 Team(s) within the Cleveland Heights Police Department.

Less Lethal Munitions and Launching Systems - To provide authorized members of the Police Department guidelines on the use of pepperball and less lethal munitions.

Mass Arrests - To establish procedures for response to and handling of mass arrest situations.

Mission Statement - The Chief of Police understands that the mission statement of the Police Department is the base upon which administrative and operational decisions are made. Each member thereby understands that they have a duty to abide by this mission and be committed to its success.

Patrol Shotguns - To insure that sworn police personnel are thoroughly trained in the use of patrol shotguns and that the equipment provided meets with the standards set forth by the Chief of Police.

Sexual Assault Policy - The Cleveland Heights Police Department will thoroughly investigate all reports of sexual assault. In most cases the Basic Patrol Division will be responsible for the initial investigation, but the follow-up investigation will be the responsibility of the Detective Bureau.

Use of Force Policy - To provide Officers with guidelines on the use of deadly and non-deadly force.