April 2023 Cases

Case Number:3560
Applicant:K. Zehnder
Address:3240 E. Scarborough Rd. (map)
DistrictA Single-Family
Request:Requests variance to Sect. 1121.12(a)(10) to permit air conditioning condenser to be less than min. 5 feet from E. side property line.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Action:Granted 5-0 | Actions (PDF)
Case Number:3562
Applicant:F. & M. Reilly
Address:3085 Fairmount Blvd. (map)
DistrictA and AA Single-Family
Request:Requests variance to Section 1121.11 & 1165.03(a) to permit more than one principal building (house) on a parcel and to Section 1121.08 min. yard requirements for principal uses to establish front, side & rear yard setbacks.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Action:Continued 5-0 | Actions (PDF)