August 2023 Cases

Project Number:23-17
Applicant:D. Rappaport
Address:3682 Shannon Rd. (map)
District:A Single-Family
Request:Requests reduction of required private enclosed parking spaces per Code Chapters 1111, 1115, 1121, & 1161.
Site Plans (PDF)
Actions:Withdrawn by applicant
Project Number:23-19
Applicant:T. Kent and C. Jemison d.b.a. A Better Day Academy
Address:3128 Mayfield Rd. (map)
District:C-3 General Commercial
Request:Requests conditional use permit for a child care center for infant through school-age children per Code Section 1111,1115,1131,1161,1165, & 1166.
Site Plans (PDF)
Actions:Approved 7 - 0 | Actions (PDF)