Extreme Temperatures

Cold snaps and heat waves are fairly common in our area of the country. They can be very deadly and challenging.

Dangerous Winter Weather Terms

  • Blizzard Warning: Wind gusts greater than 35 mph, along with snow, are expected
  • Freezing Rain: Rain that freezes on contact with surfaces
  • Frost/Freeze Warning: Temperatures expected to drop below freezing
  • Sleet: Rain that freezes before it hits the ground
  • Winter Storm Warning: A Winter storm is occurring or will begin soon
  • Winter Storm Watch: A winter storm is possible in the area

Prepare for dangerous winter weather by stocking up on food and water, securing back-up heat sources, and securing shelter.

Dangerous Summer Weather Terms

  • Heat Cramps: Muscle pains due to exertion-first sign of heat-related problems
  • Heat Exhaustion: Mild form of shock brought on by heat
  • Heat Index: How hot it feels
  • Heat Stroke: Life-threatening condition occurring when the body’s temperature control system shuts down
  • Heat Wave: Period of extreme heat and high humidity

During periods of high heat stay indoors in air conditioning as much as possible. Wear sunscreen when outdoors. Drink plenty of water.