Termination Process

The following process is used for terminations:

  • A termination form (PDF), provided by the city, must be signed and filed with the City. There is no filing fee for a termination.
  • If only one signature appears, the partner filing the notice shall, within five days, send by certified mail, a copy of this notice to the other partner's last known address. (Chapter 181, Cleveland Heights Codified Ordinances)
  • A former Domestic Partner who has given a copy of the Declaration of Domestic Partnership to any third party to qualify for any benefits or right and whose receipt of that benefit or enjoyment of that right has not otherwise terminated, shall, upon termination of the domestic partnership, give or send to the third party, at the last known address of the third party, written notification that the domestic partnership has been terminated. (Chapter 181, Cleveland Heights Codified Ordinances)