Landmark Commission

Landmark Commission Ordinance

The Landmark Commission Ordinance, Ordinance 011-2019, in accordance with the goals of the 2017 Cleveland Heights Master Plan, permits the City to protect and enhance the historic and aesthetic qualities of the City for the enjoyment of the City’s residents and visitors alike. The ordinance furthers historic preservation goals by enabling the Landmark Commission to safeguard locally designated historic properties, protect properties as they go through the historic district designation process, permit the Landmark Commission to designate local historic districts where more than 50% of property owners consent, and protect designated properties from inappropriate alterations or demolition by requiring Landmark Commission approval.

Purpose of Landmark Commission

The purpose of the Landmark Commission is to designate Landmarks and Historic Districts in the City of Cleveland Heights pursuant to the procedures hereinafter described, in order to preserve, protect and perpetuate places, buildings, districts, structures, works of art and other objects having a special historical, community or aesthetic interest or value, all for the reasons described in the remainder of this section.

  1. To safeguard the heritage of the City of Cleveland Heights, by preserving sites and structures which reflect elements of the City’s cultural, social, economic, political or architectural history;
  2. To stabilize and improve property values;
  3. To protect and enhance the City of Cleveland Heights’ attractiveness to residents, tourists and visitors, and serve as a support and stimulus to businesses;
  4. To enhance the visual and aesthetic character, diversity and interest of the City of Cleveland Heights;
  5. To foster civic pride in the beauty and notable accomplishments of the past;
  6. To promote the use and preservation of historic sites and structures for the education and general welfare of the people of the City of Cleveland Heights;
  7. To safeguard the architectural integrity of the City’s designated Landmarks and Historic Districts;
  8. To seek alternatives to demolition or incompatible alterations to designated Landmarks and properties within designated historic districts before such acts are performed; and
  9. To encourage development of vacant properties located in designated Historic Districts in accordance with neighborhood character.

Meeting Schedule

The Landmark Commission generally meets at 5:00 PM on the first Tuesday of odd numbered months the Executive Conference Room located in Cleveland Heights City Hall.


The Landmark Commission consists of seven (7) members who have been residents of the city for at least five years prior to their appointments by Council for three-year terms. 

Mazie Adams, Chair
Jim Edmonson
Ken Goldberg
Margaret Lann
J. Mark Souther
Benjamin Sperry
Thomas Veider

Staff Contacts

For questions concerning the Landmark Commission, contact Planning and Development at 216-291-4878 or one of the following staff members:


Landmark Commission applications are now available through the Cleveland Heights CitizenServe Portal.

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