Public Education

A variety of health and safety lectures are available through the Cleveland Heights Fire/EMS Public Education Committee. 

Topics include:

  • Home fire safety for children and adults
  • Health and safety lectures for senior citizens
  • Safety lectures for babysitters  
  • Facility evacuation training for nursing homes and high rise facilities 

Fire Safety for Children

The most active area for this committee is in the realm of fire safety for children. Each year children who attend safety town are given a tour of the fire station and receive a message about basic home fire safety. Additionally, each year an expanded fire safety message is presented to all first graders. This message is designed to extend upon the original message given during safety town.

Mobile Fire Safety House

Cleveland Heights Fire Department along with the Shaker Heights Fire Department jointly own and operate a mobile fire safety house. This unit features a furnished kitchen, living room, and second floor bedroom. It is designed to teach children how to prevent fires in the home, and how to escape if a fire should occur.

Station Tours

Fire station tours are conducted in January, May, August and December.


For more information about lectures and tours please call the Chief's office at 216-291-2673.