Collection Methods

Collection Machinery

The City uses two collection methods to get the leaf piles off the tree lawn and to the composting site. 

Leaf Vacuum Machines

The leaf vacuum machines use a large tube to vacuum up the leaves and process them through a shredding fan before depositing them in a large box for transport. Each crew has a driver, hose operator and one to two workers with rakes to tidy things up.

Front-End Loaders & Dump Trucks

On heavily tree-lined streets, front-end loaders are used to scoop up the large piles and put the leaves into dump trucks. Each crew consists of several workers using rakes to move the piles into the street for the loader to pick up, a front-end loader operator and two to three dump trucks. Street sweepers come by after the leaves are collected to catch any leftovers and clean the area.

Safety Warning

Please use caution when approaching the leaf vacuum machine or the front-loader. These vehicles frequently back up and may block the lane of travel. 

Please drive slowly and carefully in these areas. Also, keep small children and pets away from leaves piled near the street at all times to avoid an accident.