February 2024 Cases

Project Number:24-02
Applicant:T. Zimberg
Address:3710 Bainbridge Rd. (map)
District:A Single-Family
Request:Requests reduction of required private enclosed parking spaces per Code Chapters 1111, 1115, 1121, & 1161.
Site Plans (PDF)
Project Number:24-03
Applicant:Fairmount Montessori Association Inc.
Address:17412 Shelburne Rd. (map)
District:AA Single-Family
Request:Requests expansion of conditional use permit to allow additions to existing building for classrooms, play area, and activities per Code Chapters 1111, 1115, 1131, 1151,1153, 1161, 1163, & 1166.
Site Plans (PDF)
Project Number:24-04
Address:2228 Noble Rd. (map)
District:S-2 Mixed-Use
Request:PRELIMINARY REVIEW of new 49-unit apartment building. NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.
Site Plans (PDF)