Euclid Golf Historic District

"Garden City"

The Euclid Golf Historic District is an early twentieth century "Garden City" suburban residential development of approximately 142 acres. Euclid Golf encompasses Fairmount Boulevard form Cedar Road to Coventry Road and is roughly bounded by Nottinghill Lane and Clarkson Road to the North, Coventry Road to the East, Scarborough Road and West ST. James Parkway to the South, and Ardleigh Drive to the West. Barton R. Deming, a Cleveland real estate developer, laid out the Euclid Golf Allotment in 1913 on land that its former owner, John D. Rockefeller, had leased to the Euclid Club for its upper nine golf links.

The majority of the 432 buildings in Euclid Golf were built between 1914 and 1929. The homes are well preserved and well maintained with relatively few alterations. Thus, Euclid Golf is a highly cohesive example of an early 20th century planned community of architect-designed homes.

Euclid Golf Website

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